As Varaka, our vision is to be in charge of an institutional and constantly developing structure in the paper sector that meets customers’ needs at the highest possible level of quality. We also aim to cater to our sector by relying on our country’s own workforce in order to decrease foreign dependence, offer employment opportunities and support the region’s development…
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The Varaka Paper Industries Ltd. employs 100% recyclable paper as raw material in its eco-friendly production process, ensuring the re-injecting of paper and cardboard waste back into the economy, which in turn greatly contributes to environmental cleanup and waste material utilization efforts…
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As shown by the obtained certification below, Varaka strives to provide more efficient, high-quality and sustainable service through continuous self-optimization:
· ISO 9001:2015
· ISO 14001:2015
· ISO 27001:2013
· ISO 45001:2018
· ISO 50001-2015

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