Career opportunities

We consider human resources as the most valuable capital in our ever developing and changing business life. We accompany our employees on their career journey in order to help our staff become more qualified, competent and efficient.

With our planned training activities, we contribute to the professional and personal development of our employees and their career paths. Under the Varaka Career Management System, we strive to let our employees grow within our company over the years.

We start the recruitment process in line with the needs that are defined following HR planning activities, which are carried out in a systematic way, in order to implement the strategies put forth in line with the goals and objectives of our company. First of all, we strive to meet our needs in the recruitment process from our internal resources and strive to actively use the career planning system, which is created in line with the competencies of our employees. In cases where outsourcing is required, we provide employment with an effective selection and placement process of candidates that we believe will add value to our company.

We strive to employ the most qualified staff for our company in accordance to the respective tasks as we carry out  competency-based interviews over the course of our recruitment processes and the personality inventory created for each candidate, in order to place them in the most suitable job according to their respective qualifications and competencies. We ensure that the employment is completed in the most accurate way by measuring the professional knowledge and competence of the candidate by department managers through technical interviews cobdycted following the completion of competency-based interviews.

During recruitment, we begin the career development of our employees with an orientation process in order to adapt them to our company and acquaint them with their duties, and from there, we continue on with any necessary training and development activities.

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