Career opportunities

In guiding our management processes, we take into consideration the ever changing and developing world in order to effectively and efficiently use the most valuable capital, human resources.

As a result of our performance management system, which is coordinated with our training activities, and its effective integration with career planning; all our Human Resources management processes aim to create conditions that enable our employees to work with us for the long-term.

We initiate the recruitment process in line with the need that emerges following human resources planning that is systematically implemented in order to materialize the strategies created in accordance with our company’s goals.

During the recruitment process we primarily strive to meet our needs by using internal resources, and aim to actively use our career planning system which is established in accordance with our employees’ skills set.

In situations where outsourcing is required, we provide employment by using an effective selection and placement process to candidates whom we believe will add value to our company.

The career development of internal recruitment starts with orientation and continues with the necessary training and development activities in order to adapt new recruits to the group and their assignments.

You can view and apply for open positions on our job portals.