Below are the measures adopted at our Factory within the scope of Covid 19 pandemic:

– Factory work areas and company vehicles are regularly disinfected.

– Doors and windows in the common areas of the factory are kept ventilated as much as necessary during the day in order to ensure air circulation the building and to reduce the risk of contact and contamination.

– Taps, soap dispensers and trash cans in all toilet units are regularly cleaned and disinfected.

– Necessary information posters about sanitation and hygiene have been hung in all toilets.

–  Hand sanitizers are provided at the entrance to the factory with alcohol-based hand antiseptic stands approved by the Ministry of Health.

– Markings on the ground at the entrance to the factory ensure compliance with social distancing rules.

-The temperature of each staff and visitor is measured at the entrance to the factory.

– All employees and visitors at the factory are asked to provide their HES code.

– Common use dispensers have been removed.

-There is a non-contact, covered and pedal dustbin for hygienic wastes (mask/gloves, etc.) in every corridor and building entrances. All dustbins in the factory are arranged to be contact-free.

-Work areas were arranged in compliance with social distancing rules and the necessary warning posters were hung to ensure compliance with the rules.

– Waiting areas were arranged in adherence to the rules of social distancing and the necessary warning posters were hung to ensure compliance with the rules.

– Meeting rooms have been designed to ensure adherence to rules of social distancing and the necessary warning posters have been hung by specifying the maximum person capacity in each room.

– Whenever possible, meetings are held online during the pandemic.

– Taking into account the requirements of the job, the density of employees in offices has been minimized thanks to Remote Working programs.

– It is mandatory to wear a mask inside the factory. Warnings are issued to those who violate the rules. Mask needs of all employees are met by the factory and are always in stock.

– Any risk of contamination is reduced thanks to the wearing of visors by recepitonists and security personnel.

– All cleaning staff wear gloves while performing determined tasks.

– Under the scope of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Protection Measures, training is provided to  employees by a Workplace Physician. In addition, training is provided to Cleaning Officers on the issues of Sanitation and Hygiene.

– In line with our corporate culture, regular checks of sound levels is emphasized at our factory, and necessary directions are made with “Please Keep Your Voice Down” posters plastered throughout the premises.

– In order to reduce the risk of contamination, posters are plastered throughout common halls where density is high, reminding employees to adhere to the Cough and Sneezing Etiquette, disinfect their hands and lower their voices.

-Common equipment is cleaned and disinfected before and after each use.

– Since all the computers and phones used at the company are issued indivdually, their common use is limited and thus the risk of infection is also reduced.

– The seating arrangement in the dining hall has been devised in accordance with the rules of social distancing. Signs discourage employees from sitting opposite each other, instructing them to instead sit diagonally.

Meanwhile, meal times have been scheduled in order to prevent congestion in the cafeteria.