Energy Policy

Energy is necessary to sustain daily life. Future development depends on the long-term availability of energy in increasing amounts and on generating it from safe and environmentally sound resources.

Today’s energy use is already shaping life and the economy that will extend into the next centuries. We approach this situation in terms of sustainability. In order to use energy efficiently, we must implement saving measures and projects and ensure that the waste of primary energy resources is minimized. In addition, efficient use of energy is essential to counter global warming and local pollution.

Thanks to the efficient use of energy, it is possible to reduce the energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions locally, regionally and globally.

In accordance with the strategy of the organization, we, as VARAKA, are committed to the following:

  • Setting appropriate goals and objectives and their implementation by reviewing,
  • Providing all information and resources to achieve goals and objectives,
  • Complying with internal and external legal conditions in energy efficiency, energy use and energy consumption,
  • Ensuring continuous improvement without compromising production and quality,
  • Energy efficiency as one of our evaluation criteria in purchasing products and services,
  • Ensuring that designs that support energy efficiency are created and that this issue is supported,
  • Leaving a livable world to future generations by taking the necessary precautions on greenhouse gases and global warming by adopting a sustainable policy,
  • Providing continuous training to our employees, raising awareness about energy efficiency and minimizing waste,
  • Preventing environmental pollution by increasing the volume of waste paper.