Energy Policy

Energy is necessary to sustain daily life. Future development depends on energy being available in increasing amounts over the long term, coming from safe and environmentally sound sources.

Today’s energy usage is already shaping life and the economy for centuries to come. We approach this situation from a sustainability perspective. That is, we must implement measures and projects to save energy and ensure the minimization of waste from primary energy sources in order to use energy efficiently. Additionally, efficient energy use is essential to prevent global warming and local pollution.

Efficient energy use can lead to reduced energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions for the world, the country, and the company.

As VARAKA, in accordance with the organization’s strategy, we take into account the following details

  1. We commit to setting appropriate objectives and goals, implementing them, and reviewing them.
  2. We ensure the provision of all information and resources to achieve objectives and goals.
  3. We will comply with internal and external legal requirements regarding energy efficiency, energy use, and energy consumption.
  4. We will continuously improve without compromising production and quality.
  5. Energy efficiency will be one of the evaluation criteria for product and service procurement.
  6. We will create designs that support energy efficiency and ensure support for this issue.
  7. By taking necessary measures regarding greenhouse gases and global warming, we will pursue a sustainable policy to leave a livable world for future generations.
  8. We will increase awareness of energy efficiency and savings among our employees through continuous education.
  9. We commit to increasing the amount of recycled paper to prevent environmental pollution. (ENYS.PT.001/RV01)