FSC® Policy

Our aim is to continue operations without engaging in activities directly or indirectly deemed unacceptable by FSC®. We conduct production activities using legally sourced timber, forest products, and related licensed recycled raw materials. We utilize recycled products sustainably without using tree products with conservation value as inputs. In forestry operations, we refrain from using genetically modified organisms. We ensure that employees are employed in accordance with the rights defined in the ILO (International Labour Organization) declaration. (FSC.PT.001/RV02)

FSC® License Code : FSC®-C153591

Certificate Code : TUEV-COC-001582


As Varaka:

We respect the fundamental human rights of our employees in line with international human rights principles, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and conduct our activities in a manner that protects these rights.

We provide a working environment where our employees’ economic, social, and individual rights are protected in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Turkey.

We do not discriminate among our employees based on beliefs, language, ethnicity, gender, personal preferences, or similar factors, and ensure that our staff works under fair conditions that do not permit discrimination.

We evaluate and support all our employees equally in recruitment, career development, wage policy, social benefits, and similar matters.

We establish and strictly enforce work and discipline rules that prevent any form of physical or psychological pressure among our employees or by our managers.

We do not tolerate any practices indicating forced or compulsory labor (including physical and sexual violence, payment of debts with labor instead of money, withholding or non-payment of wages, deposits for employment, mobility/movement restrictions, retention of passports and identity documents, threats of denunciation to authorities). Employment relationships are based on voluntariness and mutual consent without the threat of punishment. We do not allow any discrimination in employment and occupation.

The working hours, wage policies, social rights, and occupational health and safety rules of individuals working within our organization are determined in accordance with legal requirements and international principles. We do not employ any new worker without granting social security rights, do not employ child laborers, do not employ individuals under the age of 15, do not allow individuals to work in jobs unsuitable for their health conditions and/or forced labor, and do not allow anyone under the age of 18 to work in hazardous or heavy jobs outside of educational purposes, in compliance with national laws and regulations.

As Varaka, we not only protect the rights of our employees guaranteed by national and international laws and principles but also organize training and social events to support their personal and professional development. We consider the peace and happiness of each of our employees as a success criterion for our organization and prioritize employee satisfaction to the highest extent possible. (FSC.PT.002/RV01)