HR Policy

Our main goal is to create a highly-motivated and qualified staff who protect the corporate image and add valence, emphasize innovative work, attach importance to the quality and output of the work being done, and who regard it as a part of the whole. Our staff, which enables us to reach our goals and greatly contributes to our success, is our most important and prized asset. In order to ensure a long-term and peaceful cooperation with our employees, we attach importance to the protection and development of this value and to providing the necessary support. In order to support our employees in the best possible way, we aim to sustain our organizational development with programs for learning and development.

Our Basic Human Resources Policies that we have adopted in this context are as follows:

  • Assigning our employees to positions where they can use their talents and competencies in the most efficient way under the mantra of “the right person for the right job”,
  • Using scientific methods to determine  human resources needs, selecting and employing the person with the competencies appropriate to the nature of the job within the framework of objective recruitment criteria,
  • To maintain an organizational structure that is open to development and innovation, that prioritizes the “collective” over the “individual”, that boasts high efficiency and qualified manpower,
  • To encourage and reward successful personnel, to offer opportunities to increase their know-how and skills,
  • Carrying out activities to improve employee loyalty,
  • To prioritize fostering “Happy Employees” that are highly motivated,
  • To continuously support the professional and personal development of our employees with scheduled training,
  • To support the career paths of our employees and to carry out practices that will facilitate this outcome,
  • To be mindful and resolve complaints, criticisms, observations, determinations and suggestions from employees within the scope of the “Open Door Policy” that fosters candid communication,
  • To unite all our employees in line with our common goals and in turn make them into our strategic partners,
  • Informing our employees in a timely manner, through appropriate communication channels, on matters that directly concern them,
  • To update and improve our Human Resources policies as needed, by constantly conducting periodic reviews.