HR Policy

Our biggest and most significant value that propels us in reaching our goals and has a great share in our success is first and foremost our “human resources.”

In order to ensure a long and peaceful work life of our employees, we attach great importance to preserving and developing this value and ensuring that they are provided with the necessary support.

Within this context, our Basic Human Resources Policies are as follows:

  1. In all our companies, we consider human resources as a “value’ and a strategic partner.
  2. Varaka Paper ensures that the personal rights of all employees are fully and correctly utilized. Furthermore, we aim to increase the success and loyalty of our employees by an equal, honest and impartial approach and providing them with a safe and healthy work environment.
  3. We adopt a “participatory management” concept which allows employees, who come up with problem-solving and developing ideas, to convey their opinions and suggestions.
  4. All Human Resources processes (selection and placement, performance management, training and development, career management etc.) are managed by a joint infrastructure that facilitates integration and an inclusive administration.
  5. Human resource requirements are determined according to strategic needs and they are first and foremost met by employees within the company who are equipped with the appropriate qualities for the job. The criteria for the continuation of employment and a promotion are merit, performance, a sense of responsibility and compliance with company culture.
  6. Fundamental employment policies are determined by the Holding’s Human Resources and are implemented across all its companies. During the selection and placement processes, our basic policy is merit and an adherence to moral values. We offer everyone who possess the necessary merits and skills for the job equal opportunities without discrimination and favoritism.
  7. Human resource needs are determined by using scientific methods. We select candidates who are able to adopt company values, equipped with the necessary skills set, open to development and change, and suited to teamwork and cooperation. Professional methods and devices are developed when measuring and assessing the candidates’ skills. We do not hire without conducting a skills assessment.
  8. Performance Management is considered as a basic approach.Employees’ performances are evaluated objectively using scientific methods. When making decisions on subjects such as a promotion, wages, education, etc. performance results are taken into consideration.
  9. Career management is considered a part of strategic Human Resources planning. Interviews are conducted with employees at certain intervals to discuss and guide them on their career paths and developments.
  10. Employees are assigned to the positions in which they can make the most of their talents and capabilities. The assigned tasks are conveyed openly and clearly to employees in the job description.
  11. With the coordination of the Holding’s Human Resources, a Wage and Benefits Management System is defined for each Holding company. Employees’ wages and benefits are determined in accordance with national, regional and sectoral standards.
  12. Contributing to personal and corporate development is considered as the primary responsibility of the employee. We deem it our responsibility to afford our employees with the necessary opportunities to develop themselves and their work and guide them in doing so. Training and Development activities are planned according to the Holding’s strategic goals and values.
  13. In terms of occupational health and safety, all risks are identified and managed, ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.