Internship Opportunities

As Varaka Paper, our internship policy is; With the internship opportunity we provide to high school and university students, we both contribute to the development of students and prepare them for professional business life, and to determine the potential human resource of our company in the future.

At Varaka, we adhere to three basic criteria in our intern recruitment as follows:

  • The candidate must have researched and learned about our company beforehand
  • The candidate’s willingness to spend the internship period at our company,
  • Finding the appropriate department and sufficient quota for the candidate to develop themselves,

In the case of eligibility under these three basic criteria, our recruitment unit conducts an interview with the prospective candidate. Over the course of the interview,  we look for core competencies such as effective communication, cooperation and teamwork etc. in accordance with the duties and responsibilities of the department where the candidate will be placed.

Our students who intern at our company benefit from our in-kind assistance opportunities along with shuttle and meals for the duration of the internship, and are employed by the school or employer in accordance with the legal regulations determined by the law in terms of wages and insurance.

Several of our employees who completed their internship at our company have started to work at Varaka Paper right after graduation.

In order to apply for an internship, you must fill a Job Application Form.