As an Varaka in our Production Instution, by using %100 percent of recycled waste papers products under 3 main titles are being produced

1. Fluting

Fluting paper group is produced from semi-chemical Sulfite Cellulose (NSSC) or produced from 100% waste paper, are used as an corrugated, middle and inner surface paper in the corrugated cardboard industry. It’s an important paper type which forms the inner skeleton of the boxes. Fluting papers where crush resistance are important (CCT,CMT and SCT), contributes to the performance of the produced boxes at the place of use. Fluting and Testliner vairants are available according to their strengths characteristics

2. Liners

The papers are used in the  inner and outer surface of the boxes are called as ‘’kraft liner’’ and ‘’test liner’’. Generally, kraft liner papers are produced from an long fiber cellulose pulp, imitation kraft papers are produced from an high quality waste paper and test liners papers are produced from an %100 waste paper.  Kraft liner papers are used, in an corrugated packaging boxes that requires high burst strength and crush resistance. Low weights liner papers are produced (Light Weight Liner,LWL) in the ranges of  75-115 gsm/m2, and high weights liner papers are produced in the ranges of 120-250 gsm/m2. All the liner papers could be as brown or upper surface could be white (with and without coating), rear surface could be brown or gray.

3. Kraft Bag

Kraft Bag paper produced from an waste paper pulp  with high strength quality, Kraft Bag paper has high brown and brown physical and mechanical resistance properties in brown colour that can be used in all kinds of paper bags and bag industry. It has water and moisture proof properties