The stockpiled fluting paper, testliner kraft paper, newspapers, magazines and books containing wastepaper will be transferred to a pulper, which is the first stage of preparing the dough using a conveyor. Here, by adding water, the mixture will be blended at a concentration level of 5-6% and converted into pulp. Firstly, the pulp will be strained through deep cleaning units and hard parts such as sand and metal will be removed. From there, pulp will be transferred to the Cleaner stage where fine sand will be thoroughly separated.

geri dönüşüm kâğıt

The obtained pulp will be passed through the filter and moved to the downstairs stockpile depot, where it will then be transferred to the Refiner to be ground.

By passing through the Refiner, the pulp brought to the desired Schopper value (Fineness Level) in accordance with the specifications of the final product to be manufactured will next be taken to the lower sieve tanks where it will be ready for production.

From there, and depending on the product to be manufactured, various chemicals will be added to the operation and mixed together with the pulp. The resulting mixture will first go to the lower floor machine depot, then to the level box where it will later be transferred to the cleaner stages using the pulp pump. The cleaner stage output will be sent to the pneumatic sieving system and from there to the bottom head-box.