Varaka Academy

In 2021, we launched our training program “Varaka Academy”, which aims to render our over 500 personnel more effective and well-equipped individuals in their business and private lives.

At Varaka Academy, we provide courses such as personal Development and Vocational Development Training. Under the scope of the professional development training we provide, we strive to contribute to the professional development of our employees, to create effective awareness of the tasks that fall under their respective job descriptions and to increase their mastery, as well as to minimize the margin of error. As for our personal development training, we mainly aim to contribute to our employees fulfilling their potential and needs, as well as to define them correctly and to achieve the success they desire in life. We aim to contribute to the development of our employees, to reinforce their sense of belonging, and to be a constant learning/developing organization thanks to all the training course on offer.

At Varaka Academy, we determine our training needs in line with our strategic goals guided by scientific methods in November of each year and make all necessary plans. We simultaneously evaluate the training requests directly received by the units and employees and include them in our training program. By outlining the training calendar for the coming year, we provide training courses by using internal or external sources. We also follow the training of our employees on a unit/person basis throughout the calendar year by staying on top of their success and developmental processes.

At Varaka Academy, we provide more than 40 training courses every year, and we continue to effectively and successfully implement our training program.